Grand Bahama Beach Tour (Wednesday)

Grand Bahama Beach Tour

One of the best beach tours in the Bahamas! From beaches with activites to secluded beaches, I will show you the best Grand Bahama Island beaches. The turquoise waters of the Bahama Islands naturally form some of the most breath taking beaches in the world! Here are a couple of the beaches that we will visit on our beach tour.

Gold Rock Beach

One of the most secluded beaches on Grand Bahama Island! This beach is rated as the top attraction in the Bahamas by Trip Advisor. Gold Rock Beach is the home to many famous movie shoots, including Pirates of the Caribbean II & III. It's located east of Freeport and is secluded within Lucayan National Park. If you can, catch this beach at low's truly remarkable! While in Lucayan National Park you will discover the pristine splendor of the natural environment on Grand Bahama Island. Walk through the mangroves, admire the wild orchids and other wild flowers as you make your way down to Gold Rock Beach. North of the beach are the Lucayan Caverns, the world's longest underground surveyed cave system.

Visit Gold Rock Beach

Taino Beach

During holidays, the beach is the site of many "cook-outs" and is filled with activities for all ages. But times, it will feel like you're own private beach! Taino Beach also hosts the annual Junkanoo Summer Festival. Taino Beach adjacent to Smith's Point Beach, home to the world famous Wednesday Night Fish Fry!

Also on this tour...

We'll stop in Port Lucaya and visit the Garden of the Groves. Here we'll take a walk through the winding trails and see all the beautiful flowers, waterfalls, and sparkling fountains along with some local and migratory birds as well! (There is a $10 fee to get into the Garden of the Groves.)

Adult: $75.00 - Child: $75.00

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