Grand Bahama West End Tour (Tuesday)

Grand Bahama West End

Take a guided tour through The Perfume Factory. The Perfume Factory is located in Freeport's International Bazaar, here you will see how they make their fine island fragrances, sample them and even have the opportunity to buy them!

From there we will head to the local straw markets where you can buy fresh fruit, homemade pepper sauces, and oh so much more! Then we'll go to my Grandmother's M-MMM Good Bakery. She has some of the most wonderful baked goods - coconut bread, banana bread just to name a few.

Then off to Old Bahama Bay for snorkeling, swimming, lounging in the sun and lunch. For lunch, we'll have old fashioned Bahamian "chicken in a bag", fresh Snapper, Conch or Grouper. Oh, and of course, a side of conch salad or peas & rice.

Grand Bahama West End Tour

Adult: $75.00 - Child: $75.00

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